Our Truck Services


Silver - $240.00
• Fill oil to capacity
• Change fuel & Oil filters
• Electronic Checklist
• Complimentary Shower

Gold- $255.00
• Includes all silver services plus
• Tractor Lubrication
• Check All Gear Boxes
• Check Coolant Level and Freeze Point
• SCA/ELC Contamination Checks
• Push Rod Stroke Inspection

Platinum -$265.00
• Includes all gold services plus
• Check All Coolant Hoses and Belts
• Check Steering Fluid and Windshield Washer Fluid
• Check Wiper Blades and Air Filter Restriction Gauge
• Check Tires for Excessive Wear
• Gauge and Inflate Tires OR Lube Trailer

Platinum Plus - $300
• all gold/silver services plus
• Complete bumper to bumper inspection

Add-ons -
• Load Test Batts-$20.00
• Valve Adjustment-$295.00
• Clutch adjustment-$20.00
• Air system inspection-$20.00
• DOT inspection-$60.00
• Oil Sample-$20.00
• VIS Check-$40.00
• Check 22-$20.00
• Alignment-$200.00
• Forced Regen (Mack, Volvo, Cummins)-$125.00
• DPF Clean-$250-if already removed. ($450.00+parts if removed and installed in shop.

*All other filters, fluids, or parts found during inspection are not included in pricing. Customer will be notified of any findings once inspection is complete and asked if additional repairs are wanted.*

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24/7 Emergency Roadside Service

24/7 Emergency Roadside Service

Rental Trucks available

Rental Trucks available