Mack’s mDRIVE HD is now engineered with two additional low gear ratios for demanding work, plus multi-speed reverse gears for increased startability, maneuverability and flexibility in low speed applications. So no matter what jobs you face, you’ve got the ability to dominate them.


With the mDRIVE automated manual transmission, there’s no clutch pedal, and the shifting is operated by intelligent electronics. Its advanced technology continuously monitors changes in grade, vehicle speed, acceleration, torque demand, weight and air resistance to increase efficiency on every drive.


Prepare your trucks to run cleaner than ever before with our MP series engines. We’re making sure your vocational, highway and refuse trucks are ready with the engines they need to comply with the latest, strictest emissions standards and keep you at the top of your game. Save fuel, gain power and lower emissions.

Total Cost of Ownership

From the outside in, Mack trucks are built to meet your needs and make you money. Their aerodynamic exteriors save fuel, and their power trains are completely integrated to increase performance and cut down on maintenance—so you can decrease your total cost and boost your bottom line.

S.C. Loggers Turn to Mack to Get the Job Done

S.C. Loggers Turn to Mack to Get the Job Done

Tracy Gunter Jr. and his son, Tracy Gunter III, own and operate Tracy’s Logging and T3 Chipping, continuing a family legacy that began with Tracy Gunter Sr., who worked in a sawmill. The woods are where the Gunters make their living, but it is also where they feel most at home, and they see themselves not only as loggers but also as stewards of the land.

The logging industry has changed dramatically over the years since Gunter Sr. pulled logs with a team of oxen. Now, the beasts of burden run on diesel and Gunter Jr. and Gunter III run four logging crews and two chipping crews, averaging 300 loads per week. They operate a fleet of 29 tractors, including 15 Mack® Granite® tractors.

Performance is key in their business and they are quick to point out the benefits of the Mack brand. “Mack has a reputation for being a tough truck, and we’re in a tough business,” Tracy Jr., said.

“We’re off-road a lot of the time, and we have to overcome a lot of obstacles. It’s hard on our vehicles, but the Macks are very durable. They stay with you.”

Their dealership, Shealy Truck Center, arranged for them to demo several trucks with the mDRIVE™ automated manual transmission, and they liked it, especially the fuel economy. Their manuals were getting in the 5.5 mpg range, whereas their trucks with mDRIVEs are getting 6.1 - 6.2 mpg, and with 12 to 15 trucks at 75,000 miles per year — that’s going to save them a lot.

The 13-liter MP8 445C-hp Maxicruise engine, with 1,860 lb.-ft. is powerful enough to get the job done, they said. The heavy-duty Mack rear end with S38 rear axles is tougher and more durable than other trucks, while the 12-speed mDRIVE™ transmission is lighter and maximizes payload — two issues the Gunters heavily researched before making their choice. Ground clearance was also important, and Mack’s top-mounted axle carrier allows them to work on rutted and bumpy roads without getting caught on debris or stumps. They expect to haul an additional two to three loads per week with the new Granites, and if all goes as planned, their increased production will quickly pay for their upgraded fleet. They won’t have to worry about maintenance and repairs thanks to GuardDog Connect and a full-service lease with Shealy.

In addition to reliability, the Gunters also hope the mDRIVE will solve one of their biggest problems: employee recruitment and retention. The transmission constantly monitors internal and external parameters, automatically choosing the best gear to provide the optimal blend of power and fuel efficiency. The company’s older drivers quickly embraced the new transmission, and younger, less experienced drivers are proving to be easier to train on the mDRIVE.

"We’re using the mDRIVE because it performs better off the road and it makes it easier to get an inexperienced person started."

The company has trouble finding new employees to work in the woods, according to Tracy Jr. “We’re just beginning to train young people who will be willing to work — or at least be willing to go through the training program. We’re using the mDRIVE because it performs better off the road and it makes it easier to get an inexperienced person started. Sometimes the ground is real spongy, but these automatics know what gear to be in. They come out of sandy places great and keep our equipment in service. There are a lot of advantages."

The Granite’s comfortable driver environment is also an enticement for the Gunters’ employees, and as Tracy Jr. noted, a far step beyond typical log trucks from just a few years ago. For his part, Tracy III was also impressed with the fleet management capabilities Mack’s GuardDog® Connect brings to his operations, especially for improving fuel economy. “I really like these Granites,” Tracy III said. “I really like the looks of them, and our drivers love them. That’s our billboard — that’s our signage going down the road.”

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